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Water and Sewer

  • The City of Douglasville’s water and sewer needs are provided by the Douglasville Douglas County Water and Sewer Authority (WSA).
  • WSA's water and sewer lines are located throughout the City. There are no industrial sites or buildings in Douglasville that do not have direct access to these lines.
  • WSA’s capacity for potable water produced and purchased is currently at 19 MGD with daily consumption averaging 13 MGD. WSA is currently expanding its potable water capacity by 7 MGD and expects the project to be completed in 2011.
  • WSA’s current capacity for sanitary sewer is 10.22 MGD with loads currently averaging 5.5 MGD.


  • Georgia has competition among its electric providers which provides for very affordable electric rates. Douglasville has two electric providers: Georgia Power and Greystone Power.
  • Georgia Power, a division of the Southern Company, is an investor-owned, tax-paying utility that serves 2.25 million customers throughout Georgia. Georgia Power is the largest of four electric utilities that make up the Southern Company and has been providing electricity to Georgia for more than a century at rates well below the national average.
  • GreyStone Power Corporation is a member-owned electric cooperative dedicated to providing its members with the best electric service at the lowest possible rates. GreyStone is locally owned and operated, which allows members/consumers to receive responsive and focused service seven days a week. GreyStone Power has made a sizable investment with its distribution system, equipped with automated transfer switches and redundant paths to homes and places of business to assure our high reliability.

Natural Gas

  • There are several natural gas providers that serve Douglasville: Atlanta Gas and Light, Austell Natural Gas System,Gas South and Scana.
  • All of Douglasville’s industrial sites are served by natural gas.


  • Local phone service in Douglasville is provided by AT&T (formerly Bell South).
  • There are over 2,200 miles of fiber optic lines in Douglasville that connect to state-of-the-art switching stations. integrated services, digital networks, and support services to support business operations.