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Existing Industries: Harvey Persons Letter

April 3, 2012

As the new Mayor of the City of Douglasville, I want to pledge the City's continuing commitment to our existing industries. While we certainly are interested in bringing new employers who can improve the economic vitality of this community, we place an equally high priority on supporting those businesses that already are providing employment and other benefits in Douglasville and Douglas County.

During the almost four years since its reactivation, the City of Douglasville Development Authority (CDDA) has sought to assist our existing industries. The Douglasville Business Retention and Expansion (DBRE) program continues to be a priority of the CDDA. We want to maintain and encourage a positive working relationship with this community's private sector employers, to identify those issues most critical to their success, to troubleshoot problems which are identified, to provide assistance where appropriate, and to help facilitate a business climate which enhances the success of their operations.

Certainly, we recognize that 80 percent of all new jobs and investments come from existing industry. During the past four years, the CDDA has been pleased to assist several businesses in expanding their work force and facilities. Also, the CDDA has made itself available to other local businesses as they have considered future expansion and upgrades, and we shall continue with this process.

One of my first actions as Mayor was to direct the CDDA Executive Director to keep services to existing industries as a top priority. Please contact me or Ms. Pocali if we can be of service. Maintaining a pro-business climate that is supportive of local industry is one of our cornerstones. Thank you for having your business in Douglasville.

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Harvey Persons

Mayor, City of Douglasville